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The board of governors comprises professionals from many walks of life.

They bring their expertise and talents from successful careers and a wide range of communal work to the mission of governance at Menorah High School (MHS). They protect the Jewish status of the school, ensure there is clarity of ethos, vision and strategic direction, oversee the school's financial operations and hold the head teacher to account for the performance of the school.


Much of the work of the board is delegated to a number of committees:

  • Pupil Education (both Kodesh and Chol)
  • Pupil Welfare and Safeguarding
  • Finance
  • Premises and Security
  • Admissions
  • Staffing

Our governors are also able to participate, if necessary, in statutory committees to address complaints, grievances and disciplinary issues, and also in the safe recruitment of senior staff. At MHS, the Board believes that a close relationship with staff members supports and enhances the quality of governance. We believe that these relationships and being in constant contact are just as important, if not more so, than the committee meeting attendances. 

Relationship with the Senior Leadership Team

The Governing body has a close relationship with the Senior Leadership Team.  This enhances strategic planning as well as the Board's ability to fulfil its duty to hold the school to account.

Our Link Governor Programme ensures that governors have direct links with senior members of the school's staff. This fosters a close and collegiate relationship between Board and the Senior Leadership Team and enhances strategic planning and further supports the Board's ability to hold the school to account.

Professional skills

A further benefit is that the school is aware of the professional skills of Board members and is able to draw on the governors as an additional resource such as with legal, financial and HR issues.  We are fortunate that all our governors wish to, and do, give of their time and talent freely and generously.

Statutory responsibilities

The Governors work with us to encompass our statutory responsibilities for health and safety, safeguarding, the pupil premium, SEND, and to support the key priorities of the School Development Plan.

In summary, the Governors are very much a working and involved board.

Governors Information

Name of
Type of
Term of
Governance Roles 
in other  
Mr. B. Adler Trustee Governing Body  6/6/2016 -  Finance Co-Chair Board of Management of a local Synagogue
Mr. D. Binstock Foundation Governing Body 12/3/2016 - 

Security Chair,

Finance Co-Chair

Works at Cohen Arnold

Trustee and Treasurer of PaL Charitable Trust,

Security Chair of Local Synagogue

Cllr. A. Finn Local Authority Governor Governing Body 25/7/2016 -  N/A
Mr. A. Heller  Parent Governor Elected by Parents   6/6/2016 -  Premises Chair N/A
Mr I. Hilton Foundation Governing Body 12/3/2016 -  Staffing Chair N/A
Rabbi Z. Jacobson Foundation governor Governing Body 12/3/2016 -  Education Chair,
Jewish Studies Chair,
Special Educational Needs
Dr. D.  Landau Trustee Governing Body 12/3/2016 -  Chair of Governors,
Safeguarding Governor,
Admissions Co-chair
N/A Member of Kings College London School Governors Forum,
Former Governor of Menorah Grammar School
Mrs. E. Nassim Staff Governor Elected by Staff 06/06/2016 -  N/A
Mr. D. Neufeld Foundation Governor Governing Body  12/3/2016 -  Admissions Joint  Chair N/A
Mr. D Posen Parent Governor Elected by Parents 07/12/2019 N/A
Mr. B. Rabinowitz Trustee Governing Body 12/3/2016 -  Vice Chair of Governors,
Health and Safety,
Special Educational Needs, Finance
N/A Founder of Tuffkid Integrated Special needs Nursery,
Former Governor of Kisharon Special School,
Former Governor of Menorah Grammar School

Attendance Record at Full Governing Body Meetings

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